A modern office designed as a minimalist style loft

A modern office designed as a minimalist style loft

Pablo Gómez - Ogando Rodríguez.

When we think of an office, we tend to imagine a gray, lifeless, boring space. Probably, we even get an unexpected yawn ... 😴 But the team of interior designers of Collapse Studio has proposed to change that conception forever (and the result could not have been better).

With eighty square meters of surface, this old loft that served a residential function, has become a Modern office starring a minimalist style which comes alive through color details.

All in one balanced environment between the most homely warmth and the seriousness that every workplace deserves, with an interior design that has managed to combine sophistication and contemporary culture with expertise.

Do not miss it Outstanding offices and desks! Blue, mustard and white play a fundamental role in decoration. Pablo Gómez - Ogando Rodríguez. The kitchen cabinets have a matte finish that accompanies the modern and minimalist style of the stainless steel countertop. Pablo Gómez - Ogando Rodríguez. There is also room for a small and flirtatious office. Pablo Gómez - Ogando Rodríguez. Armchair Oslo Lounge of Muuto; lamp Studio floor from Handvärk; and carpet Ease loop from Ferm living. Pablo Gómez - Ogando Rodríguez. The Nordic style shelves belong to String Furniture. Pablo Gómez - Ogando Rodríguez. The large floor-to-ceiling windows are a great advantage when creating a cozy and bright office space. Pablo Gómez - Ogando Rodríguez. Shelving with two shelves of Muuto and Planthae plant. Pablo Gómez - Ogando Rodríguez Pablo Gómez - Ogando Rodríguez On the upper floor there is another small meeting space consisting of a table Reverse conference Andreu World, four chairs Alu chairs by Muller van Severen, and Lumik luminaires. Pablo Gómez - Ogando Rodríguez Pablo Gómez - Ogando Rodríguez. Bracket and soap, both from Frama. Pablo Gómez - Ogando Rodríguez Ideas very 'working' The prettiest home office by Deco & Living How to set up your home office? Eat in the office with glamor