The happiest pottery!

The happiest pottery!

Dishes, bowls, sugar bowls, pots… We have found a lot of ceramic objects with animal faces and funniest designs. Check out!

Advertising - Keep reading below Weaving with hedgehogs

They are bowls for storing wool, and we are sure that the crush has been instantaneous.

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The soap diet

This cute whale is actually a soap dish or a strobe, you decide!

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A squirrel

A bowl in pink with the face of a squirrel. Ideal for storing candy in full color!

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Ceramic clouds

They are bowls and at the same time they are several clouds that you can keep on top of each other. It is not beautiful?

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The vampires are coming!

Halloween It is approaching, and these bowls of bats are ideal to celebrate the most terrifying date in a very sweet way.

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This pot does not bark!

Such a beautiful pot deserves a plant at its height!

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Get all!

If you also lived the Pokémon fever, you will love these pots with the shape of Bulbasaur.

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A mouse in the soup

It may not be very comfortable, but original is a while! In addition, you can use it as a decorative element, or even as a pot for various cacti and succulents.

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A well protected scourer

Can you think of a better support for the scourer? Or at least ... more endearing? Not us!

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Sweeter than sugar

This sugar bowl is so beautiful that you should always leave it in sight!

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Show off succulents!

With this hanging pot, your succulents will look better than ever, and will have the best of the guardians!

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Breakfast like a bear

Like a happy and elegant bear, of course. The detail of the bow tie is adorable!

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Do not leave even crumbs!

With such a dish you will eat until the last bite just to see the face of this cute little pig.

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Sleepy Otters

This pair of otters will undoubtedly become the sweetest detail of the table.

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Milk with honey ... And a little pig!

For a breakfast with full-blown surprise!

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The saltimbanqui of the plants

A funniest saltimbanqui to air your favorite plant!

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