Game board as organizer

Game board as organizer

1. Place the game board on a plywood and pencil his silhouette. Position the ruler on the marked line to avoid twisting and cut slowly with the saw.

2. Measure the sides of the board, Take that measurement to the red (or white) cloth tape and trim it. With the glue, fix it on all sides of the board to reinforce them and share the same color.

3. Place double sided tape Behind the game A large strip in the center and others in each corner. Fix the board to the plywood by pressing with your hands until
That is completely fixed.

4. Drill the board with the drill already fixed to the plywood. You can make as many holes as you want and in the place you want. Before doing them, think about what you are going to hang and the separation that has to be between the two utensils.

5. Fix the pins with glue or glue in the holes of the board. Remember to use a special wood glue. Let them dry well before hanging your office or sewing supplies.

6. On the back of the box, Screw a metal hook into each corner. Place the picture on the wall to know where the screws will go. Mark with the pencil and drill with the hole. Fix the screws and hang the box. Repeat the same operation with the other game. And since you know, you can make them as a gift!

- A board game board.
- Wooden pushpins of different colors and shapes.
- Fine wood plywood.
- Pencil, cutter and metal ruler.
- Fabric tapes, matching the color of the board (white and red).
- Double sided tape.
- Scissors, two hooks and small screws.
- Glue.
- Drill, jigsaw and screwdriver.

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from goose to goose
When children get older, their toys are usually inherited by smaller cousins. If you feel sorry to part with those board games with which you spent hours of fun, we suggest you give them another utility. Turn them into coasters, individual or, as here, practical organizers to have the material at hand

Board game board

To assemble the females to the board, use a special drill for wood of the same diameter.