The advent wreath, a welcome sign

The advent wreath, a welcome sign

Decorate the crown with crochet brooches, tree balls, bows, pine cones, a welcome sign ...

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Press play and don't miss the video of how to make a beautiful Advent Wreath to decorate the entrance door during the Christmas holidays.


- Fir branches.
- Wires: thick and thin, from Leroy Merlin.
- Ornaments: brooches, balls, bows, pineapples ...
- Pliers.

STEP 1: Prepare the wire

Start by unwinding the coil of fine wire. With the pliers, cut several strips of about 10 cm, which will serve to join and tie the circle you form with the thick wire. If you don't have wire, you can also use nylon thread or flanges.

STEP 2: Wire the crown structure

Use the thickest wire to make the crown base. Unwind the coil and form a circle that is about 35-40 cm in diameter. Make several turns with more wire until you get a solid structure and tie it with the fine wire.

STEP 3: Place the branches until all the wire is covered

Since the circle has a lot of consistency, since everything is tied and secured with the strips of fine wire, introduce the branches as if it were a loose braid, but without forcing them, or tensing them.

STEP 4: Choose the crown thickness

Put more branches, if you want the crown to be thicker. When you're done, look at the final look. It must be natural, although the usual thing is that the tips of the branches are oriented in the same direction. If necessary, introduce more branches or remove some.


Use this same crown to decorate the dining room table. Place it on a low plate; make a center with candles or any Christmas motif; and fill the base with tinsel. Make another crown for a side table; if there is a plug nearby, put a garland of mini lights and turn on ...