Can a cold office be transformed into a warm home? Yes, and here is the proof

Can a cold office be transformed into a warm home? Yes, and here is the proof

Convert an old office into a current home, adapted to the needs and tastes of a young couple without children, was the commission that received the interior design and rehabilitation studio Backsteen, directed by interior architect Víctor Zorita.

The idea was to design a modern and bright apartment, with a large social area where to hold meetings and parties with friends. Originally, the plant was practically diaphanous and had a separate toilet. Hence The first step of the remodeling was to organize its 90 m2.

The floor is divided into two areas: a public one, with living room, integrated kitchen and a toilet, and the private one, with three bedrooms and a bathroom. In the integral reform the false ceilings were eliminated to gain height, the walls were painted white and the original flooring was replaced by dark flooring throughout the house, except in the kitchen and bathrooms, where porcelain tiles were placed.

Another highlight of the project is the use of anthracite gray as conductive thread. This tone is present, not only in doors and carpentry, but also in furniture, accessories and even on the walls, as is the case with the music corner.

East industrial air bottom It is perfect for the attractive combination of current designs, handmade pieces, furniture vintage acquired in street markets and brushstrokes in intense and vibrant tones, which resulted in a balanced and harmonious decoration. A mix that puts the perfect brooch to a reform proposed to create a very personal home.


Kitchens with dark furniture:

- Black, lead gray or anthracite, petroleum blue and moss green or military are the preferred shades of functional and avant-garde decorations.

- Ideally, reserve them for ample spaces; but if they are accompanied with clear coatings, they go well in any kitchen.

- A safe bet is to combine the dark cabinets with natural wood and white porcelain on the floor, countertop and cooking front.

- A solution to lighten the result The end is to dispense with tall furniture and create storage areas with shelves or showcases.

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Complements and well-chosen details, in addition to enriching the decoration, contribute to personalizing the environments. In this case, since the table is round, it is decorated with objects of curved shapes in tune.

Tray and vases, from El Globo Muebles. Candle holder by Ikea.

Open distribution

After the demolition of some partitions, the distribution of this floor changed completely. Now, the kitchen is integrated into the living room, and by gaining depth and perspective from both environments, a feeling of greater amplitude is created.

Sofa and cushions, by Maisons du Monde. Carpet by Zara Home.

Complementary colors

In the living area, accessories and upholstery in blue and mustard were combined with black brushstrokes and golden finishes. The result is a masculine, elegant and very chic air decoration.

Coffee table, from Westwing. Armchairs, from Vintage 4P. Side table, from Zara Home. Black leatherette armchair, from SuperStudio.

Symmetric composition

It enhances a series of small works forming a simple symmetrical composition. Align them on all four sides in the form of a square or rectangle to create a sense of order. Pictures, by Spela Trobec.

Musical taste

This room atmosphere reflects the owner's passion for music. The walls, in addition to serving as an exhibitor of their collection of electric guitars, were decorated with moldings and painted in black to differentiate this corner from the rest of the space.

A corner for hobbies and passions

If you like electric guitars, why not integrate them into the living room decoration? Hang them on the wall to show off your collection and keep them safe from bumps.

Open kitchen

The workspace has been organized in an L-shape, with the hob, fridge and column ovens on the longest front, and the sink, under the window. In addition, it was installed
a peninsula with a flown surface that serves as a table.

The bar was completed with four stools that, thanks to its size, it is possible to fit under the countertop so that they do not hinder the circulation through the kitchen.

Metal stools and wooden seat, from Osso creative cabinetmaking. Ceiling lamps, from SuperStudio.

Defined Areas

The kitchen is perfectly delimited from the living room thanks to the presence of a peninsula, which serves as a breakfast bar, and the different materials that were used to cover the floor: laminated wood and ceramics.

Are you looking for a modern and daring style for your kitchen?

Combine black furniture with a fine white or cream countertop and copper details that add a sophisticated touch. You will get one
Stay with character and personality.

Eclectic and warm

In the guest bedroom, turquoise textiles were combined with the mustard touches of the cushions and the blanket, which give it dynamism and light. The dark wood, the mirror
of wall and the descalzadora give to this atmosphere a masculine air; the bedside table and other accessories, put the delicate counterpoint.

Bedding and cushions, from Maisons du Monde. Mirror, from Zara Home. Westwing bedside table. Candle holder, from El Globo Muebles. Descalzadora of the 60s, acquired in El Rastro.

Get unique pieces

Get unique pieces to achieve personal decoration. Take a tour of street markets, traces and dives in search of vintage pieces and curious objects. Some of these places hide real treasures.


Bedding and cushions, from Zara Home. Blanket, from Ikea. Bank and basket, from El Globo Muebles. Mesilla, from El Rastro.

Put the icing on the decoration

Put the icing on the decoration of your bedroom with a sculpture or wall panel on the headboard wall. Ideally, its size is proportional to that of the bed, so that it is centered.

Bedroom decoration

The decoration of the bedrooms, which stands out for its freshness, simplicity and natural style, invites you to relax.

Selected pieces

With an attractive mix of classic furniture and modern design elements.

Debugged Lines

The main bathroom was covered with large-format porcelain pieces, in a beige tone, which enhance the continuity and visual amplitude of the space. A glass screen, which combines a fixed leaf with another swing, separates the sink area from the shower. Washbasin cabinet, from Ikea. Accessories, from Zara Home.

Small details make the difference

Soft and fluffy towels, delicate accessories and a glass vase with handmade soaps or marine ornaments and you will make your bathroom attractive at the first glance. Vase with starfish, from El Globo Muebles.

Housing plan

Housing plan