Plants and flowers to decorate your garden

Plants and flowers to decorate your garden

Do you know the French city of Chantilly? In her, every year, the best horticulturists of the world meet to exhibit the most beautiful varieties of flowers and plants in the event The Days of Plants of Chantilly. The magazine has been in this year's edition, from May 13 to 15. With the camera ready, we have taken photos of every detail of the garden to show you the most innovative and fascinating in the world of decogarden. This year, his motto was The sweet garden. And ... yes, we discovered that the earth offers delicious possibilities gourmet Welcome to a party of color, aromas and taste full of ideas to adapt to your garden, balcony or terrace.

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Multicolored roses to energize the garden.

Next to the castle of Chantilly

The Plant Days had an exceptional witness: the castle of Chantilly.

Decorate ... with vegetables!

An original composition of vegetables ... to decorate!

And of course, the cactus

Small, but very decorative, the cacti could not be missing.

In cars

A beautiful idea for the garden: place plants and flowers in cars.

The lively garden

Wire butterflies get stuck in the ground and the metal grinders are swayed by the wind.

The intense color of the azaleas

An explosion of color that animates the garden or terrace.

A vintage touch

Retro, metal planters with aged finish and high foot are taken.

A blue touch

It is not a usual color, hence Delphinium in Klein blue they are spectacular.

XXL decoration

What do you think of an animal figure made of fiber, in size king size?


Tiny, its colorful magnifies the garden.

A break to snack

And, among flowers and plants, we replenished forces in food trucks.


In The Sweet Garden We were able to taste nuts: the perfect combination of aroma and health.

Mini greenhouse

A beautiful idea: a tiny greenhouse for the early stages of planting.

Giant candle holders

They look like sculptures, but a large candle is placed inside to illuminate the garden at night.

From the garden to the table

Forest fruits plants, to sow and eat.

Rose drinks

We knew the edible petals, but in The Days of Plants of Chantilly we discovered drinks made with roses.

Insect hotels

Wooden, they are used for insects favorable to plants and flowers to live in them and maintain the garden without pests in an ecological and natural way.

Aromatic spices

From the plants the spices are obtained, and from the spices, the aroma and the color for the recipes gourmet

Charming lattices

They separate environments in the garden and dress it with charm.

Aromatic herbs

Essential to aromatize your dishes. Planted in your garden or terrace will always be fresh!

The tool booths

With a gable roof, it is a decorative way to keep garden tools protected from rain and sun.

A dream garden

The Plant Days took place in the Domain of Chantilly, in its spectacular park.

Vertical planters

A great idea for terraces with little space!


If he lives in the garden, he also deserves that his house have style.

Kokedama cultivation

It is the latest fashion: cultivate in moss spheres.

Copper tools

The tendency to use this material in decoration also reaches the garden tools.


Showy and aromatic, they are a must of terraces and gardens.

From the trees

An original way to illuminate the garden: supports that hang from the trees with ceramic plates and oil candles.

Rhubarb jam

A sweet delight from a small garden treasure.

Stores that fly

From Cacoon, they are the dream for any child who wants to have a tree house.