Accessories and ideas for going on a picnic

Accessories and ideas for going on a picnic

Good weather is the best excuse to go out to the countryside and enjoy a meal outdoors. Fill your picnic basket with delicious delicacies, easy to transport like a quiche or sandwiches, and the most colorful and cheerful table accessories.

Find a place with shade to set up your camp. Fundamental: utensils that do not break, a cold and ice menu. Cut fresh flowers and place them inside an empty bottle. A picnic You can also have charm!

Advertising - Keep reading below Picnic Basket

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47,99 €

Wicker basket with cutlery and blanket, from Amazon.

Picnic with style

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€ 40/6 glasses of melamine

Raffia Basket, 19,90 €; melamine dishes of crabs or roses, 9,90 € / cu, and champagne, 59,90 €. Rice

For two

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61,99 €

To bring bread, fruit ... If it is wicker, like this one, the interior will remain airy. Includes dishes for two people.

Cardboard boxes

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€ 30.97 / 50 units

Choose cardboard boxes, they are light and disposable, and after picnic You just have to recycle them.

checkered tablecloth

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27,95 €

You will need a good tablecloth with a waterproof layer and that you can easily fold and transport.

Airtight lunchbox

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27,95 €

For salads, soups, sauces or for baby puree, these 100% airtight lunch boxes will be very useful. Iris's

The cool drinks

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28,99 €

This isothermal bag will keep water, beer, soda and cold at the optimum temperature until mealtime. It measures 40.5 x 26.5 x 31 cm.

To the last detail IKEA

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€ 3/6 plastic plates

Everything from Ikea.

Bottles safe from knocks Bottelo

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7,50 €

The inner plastic bubbles of these covers and their seals allow the bottles to reach the field unscathed. A trick: put the cover with the bottle in the river and cool its contents. Bottelo bottle covers.

A seat cushion

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21,10 €

It is a good option if you find the floor uncomfortable. This model has a handle to move it easily.

Disposable Dishes

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€ 11.40 / 48 units

Paper models are lighter than earthenware and take up less space in the trunk of the car. And they can be recycled!

Spoons with rhythm

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13,50 €

In the form of an acoustic and electric guitar, they will be very useful for dressing the salad and serving it on the plates. They are from Kikkerland.

A toast to ...

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€ 22.99 / 50 units

NBo give up a toast with elegance, even if you are in the countryside or on the beach. These rimmed glasses rose gold They are ideal for a sparkling wine or for dessert.

More ecological cutlery

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11,99 €

Bamboo wood, they are a flirtatious alternative to the typical forks, spoons and plastic knife. There are also wooden cutlery for recycling.

And at dessert time ...

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19,49 €

A refreshing watermelon. Thanks to this bulky fruit cutter, in just a few seconds you will have twelve identical portions. Also valid for melons and pineapple, it is from Jocca.