Great ideas for every bathroom genre

Great ideas for every bathroom genre

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In the shaving corner You need to have your basics at hand. Take advantage of the most attractive accessories, such as a beaver hair brush or a soap dish style vintage and display them. Place the less showy accessories in a basket so they go unnoticed. On this occasion, something as practical as the razor razor attracts all eyes thanks to the friendly Mr. Razor support, from Animi Causa (€ 13.25 approx.).


Look for toiletries that adapt to your personality. The cotton buds become a nod to the old matchboxes with Cotton Ear Joe, an original container of the company Animi Causa, which harmonizes with the other retro air accessories (€ 12.35 approx.).


Wrap the intimate moment that you expected so much in a magical atmosphere. Disconnect the mobile, lower the intensity of the light and immerse yourself in the water to enjoy your Beauty ritual This bath tray allows you to access your favorite bath products; (from € 20), on Amazon. Soap (€ 9.50) and aromatic candle (€ 29) from the Flor de Algodão collection, by the Portuguese firm Castelbel.


Natural materials, such as bamboo and fibers, make you dream of exotic destinations that you may one day travel together. This corner is an excellent option to organize bath clothes. Choose towels with cheerful tones to bring freshness to the environment and in colors that harmonize with the coverings. Bank Mandisa (€ 79.90) -in 120 x 33 x 48 cm- and baskets Abiola (from € 39.90), by Lene Bjerre.


This small showcase could be in a bedroom or living room, but here it plays an interesting role: storing and sporting shaving products. The glass front with metallic frame leaves the interior in sight, so order must prevail on its two shelves. Wardrobe (€ 38) and mirror (€ 103), by Ib Laursen.


In shared bathrooms, it is important to differentiate the space allocated to each one to avoid minor disagreements. This design has six shelves to distribute between you and your partner, in which baskets can be placed that group your toiletries. A good note: the wall light illuminates the interior so you can comfortably access what you keep in them. Furniture, for sale in Car Möbel (€ 155.90).


This environment is harmonious thanks to the symmetrical composition formed by the two sinks -with faucets in the corners-, and identical mirrors. The run shelf unifies the toilet area, which has its meeting point on the carpet Melange Rug Mirrors Brass Mirror (€ 115 each). Everything from Ferm Living.

For both
If you have enough square meters, place a couple of sinks for simultaneous use. Clarify which one corresponds to each
one and personalize your area with accessories and complements with good design. A magnifying mirror on the wall will help you mark your space.


If you only use the bathroom, let it reflect your tastes with an undeniable female air Find a piece of furniture in your favorite color and personalize the environment with sheets or pictures. If you place them in shelves with little background, you can change them and adapt it to new trends. Piece of furniture Amazonia with sink (€ 249), Reims mirror (€ 47.95) and tap Mine (€ 35.95), by Leroy Merlin.

Girls Territory
We need more space for storage and we don't want to give up the products we use in our beauty routines. When it's time for makeup, it's important to avoid reflections in the mirror area. Install two sconces, one on each side.


The bathroom should be like you: practical and with personality. How about this volcanic stone sink? It is embedded in a solid wood countertop on a light iron structure. The teak frame mirror adds warmth to the environment (from € 59.90). Furniture (€ 279). At

Only for men
The boys take care of you and, for a while now, you have claimed your own corner. You can not miss a large mirror for shaving and storage boxes, in this case with Nordic design, to store your products. In the towels, the masculine touch is made by natural fabrics with fringes in the hamma style.


This suspended model incorporates a chest of drawers to keep the countertop of the sink completely clear. Its interior distribution looks like a dream, with cosmetics and kit of orderly beauty and by hand. The success is the interior divisions with space, even to store towels. Piece of furniture Antheus (€ 1,532), from Villeroy & Boch.


If you do not have enough space around the sink, use these practical supports. They are fixed to the wall and offer the possibility of placing them in parallel or staggered depending on your height and that of your partner. So that there are no discussions when washing the bathroom, keep in mind that the dispensers are cleaner than the traditional bar of soap, which melts. Dispensers (€ 6.25 each), by Ib Laursen.


It irritates us to get out of the shower and find the mirror hidden behind the fog. Aerating is key to avoid condensation, but if you don't have a window, check the roof models, like this one, of the firm Velux. If you want to know everything about them, download the guide Your reimagined bathroom at…