10 bathrooms with carpets ... For or against?

10 bathrooms with carpets ... For or against?


A few months ago we proposed a debate on the carpets in the dining room, and now it's the turn of the bathrooms! Aesthetically beautiful, but ... are they really functional? Enter and review!

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It seems taken out of a Parisian apartment! Between the bathtub with legs and gold sconces, the white tiles, and the detail of the carpet ... Instant crush!

Pinterest: One Kings Lane

Big time

A bathroom with similar dimensions can afford such a long carpet. We love!

Pinterest: Atiana Smith

Rose to power

Although lavender comes stomping, pink will always be a must of the feminine restrooms, and it combines so well with the color white!

Pinterest: Domino


This rustic-style bathroom acquires elegance thanks to the Persian carpet, and there is still plenty of space!

Pinterest: Victoria Gutierrez


The brown raffia rug is discreet and at the same time adds a point of style. You like?

Pinterest: Jolinda Stephens


Without the flowers and the carpet, this bathroom would be a bit bland, don't you think?

Pinterest: Becki Owens


Bathtub + chandelier + carpet in pink tones + an impressive window = The bathroom of your dreams

Pinterest: Haley Morrill


A country house with a rustic bathroom as bright as this one has permission to include several carpets, don't you think?

Pinterest: Camille Put Your Boots On

A touch of character

Here the carpet adds character and personality to the bathroom. Would you put it in yours?

Pinterest: Silvana Blanco


The colors of the carpet soften this style bathroom rustic-chic With golden details.

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