An old railway station ... converted into this house!

An old railway station ... converted into this house!

Courtesy of L'oeil L'esprit

If you have always liked trains, surely you love this old station converted into homes in New Braunfels, Texas.

"We were never particularly interested in trains and we were not looking for a station to build our home," the owners remember. In 1993, they had chosen 10 properties to see in New Braunfels with an agent who ended up showing them the station, despite exceeding the desired budget and size.

"We fell in love with her at first sight," they confess. "We loved how rustic and wild the property had been, the" age "of the station. We even liked the oval pool that was actually a pond for cattle. We spent two hours taking pictures ... and we never left."

Built in the late 1800s, the station is located on a beautiful plot of just over 12 hectares in New Braunfels, a small city located halfway between Austin and San Antonio.

There is still much of the original station, including the porch and the floor (now transformed into a kitchen wall). And although the previous owners had already turned the farm into their home, the surrounding land was untreated. The station, along with an old hunting lodge, were the only buildings there were, so they remodeled the latter and added the "Shack" sign, a sign from the Round Top Antiques Fair.

But logically, other improvements had to be made. The two-bedroom car was very pretty but too small, and with a teenager at home plus two others at the university, the family needed to add at least one guest room.

"We bought a car that was for sale, although moving it was not easy." To do this, the couple had the help of a company that collects and moves trains after derailments.

The first one they acquired came from the Santa Fe Railroad, which they found for sale in Omaha. They wanted to seat it on real rails, so they hired a company that installed just over 12 meters of a railway station desk and an old swivel chair with the sign "Santa Fe".

But as all good things come to an end, the couple has decided to sell their magnificent property for € 2,445,000 (approx.). Do you want her

Photos: Courtesy of L'oeil L'esprit

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